M/S Maribelle

Built:  De Merwerde Shipyard B.V., The Netherlands
Year of built:  2000
Flag:  Malta
Net weight:  2 500 tons
Length:  111.24 meters
Width:  11.4 meters
Draught (full stock, w/o ballast) cca. 1.5 meters
Height above water level (with lowered wheelhouse) 6 meters
Maximum no. of guests onboard:  155 pax
Maximum no. of employees:  47 pax
No. of staterooms/cabins:  103
No. of guest staterooms:  77
No. of employee cabins:  26
Fuel:  Marine diesel oil
Engine:  „Caterpillar 3508 B” 
No. of engines:  2
No. of cylinders:  8 / engine, “V” shape
Displacement:  34.5 liters
Power:  2 × 830 kW (1050 HP)
Average consumption:  cca. 380 liters / hour
Maximum speed (w/o drift) 22 km / h
Screw:  2 × Aquamaster (360 degrees rotation)
Bow thruster engine:  “Caterpillar 3196”
No. of engine:  1
No. of cylinders:  6, “V” shape
Displacement:  12 liters
Power:  385 kW (516 HP)
Electric System
Generator:  “Caterpillar 3408” 
No. of generators:  2
No. of cylinders:  8 / engine, “V” shape
Displacement:  12 liters
Power:  2 × 280 kW (375 HP)
Voltage:  220 V / 110 V (standard European outlets)
No. of fuel tanks:  3
Maximum fuel capacity:  92 500 liters
No. of lubricant tanks:  3
Maximum lubricant capacity:  2 365 liters
No. of freshwater tank:  1
Maximum freshwater capacity:  198 000 liters
Freshwater consumption:  cca. 20 tons / day
No. of ballast tanks:  7
Maximum ballast capacity:  288 800 liters
Ballast:  running water
No. of sewage tanks:  3
Maximum sewage capacity:  73 000 liters

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